About our speakers

CommCon brings you the best real-time and open media speakers from around the globe.

All talks are curated for developers, by developers and we champion open source and open standards.

Previous speakers include: Tim Panton from |pipe|, Jeff Pulver - co-founder of Vonage, Matthew Hodgson CEO/CTO of Element, Saúl Ibarra Corretgé from 8x8, Li-Tal Mashiach from Facebook, Dhananjay Deshpande from Bloomberg, Huib Kleinhout from Google and many more.


CommCon is known for technical talks that focus on open source or open standards in real-time communications and open media. We don’t do salesy talks - it's all killer no filler 😉

RTC examples
  • Anycast network methodology / sharing single-destination IP across devices
  • WHIP and WHEP for standardised signalling
  • Digital Rights Management
  • Scalability of WebRTC projects
  • PaaS companies joining the WebRTC crowd
  • Updates from Open Source VoIP and WebRTC projects

Open Media examples
  • Open standards and interop for encoding, broadcast, remote guests and Content Delivery Networks
  • Moving away from RTMP and into newer protocols for broadcast
  • Using AI in video
  • Low-latency browser streaming, video analytics
  • Supporting 4k and 8k, HDR