Geoff Willshire

Engineer; Architect; Hacker; Problem solver; Technology geek, Team Player. My career has spanned early machine learning; Unix kernel development; embedded, distributed, and telecommunications systems; databases; and CRM, chalk and cheese. From theoretical research, to core development to professional services, my focus has been to solve complex problems, delivering outcomes that drive customer success. I have collaborated with, and learnt from some of the brightest and most inspiring people in each of the industries in which I've worked. I'm always looking for new people to learn from and innovate with.

I am a recognised leader in customer-focused technology and contact centres, having worked in the industry for 30 years in a broad range of roles, technologies and platforms.

As an engineer, consultant, and Director of Professional Services at Genesys, I gained experience in the delivery of large-scale complex contact centre projects from inception to production. In addition to working closely with customers on developing custom solutions for projects to provide a close fit to non-standard requirements.

As Chief Innovation Officer at Cyara, I focused on developing innovative new software products for the contact centre market, working closely with product management, marketing, and sales. My experience in both software development and professional services allowed me to design and deliver creative and high-performing new products driven by dynamic market requirements.